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I'm Billie Jean and I want to share with you a real story about my beloved dog Nikki. I thought everything was alright between my dog and I, but boy was I mistaken big time.   

One night my husband and I called it a night.  During the night I had to walk down the hall.  As I was coming back and just getting ready to walk through our bedroom door, my beloved Nikki dog was there prancing back and forth and growling at me.   I think she was trying to protect my husband from me.  Yeah.  It was real alright.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  So, what I did next was go to sleep.  I was afraid to put my foot down on the ground afraid she might nip at me.   I figured this was just a one-time event, I was hoping.

The next night, I tried the same thing to see what would happen.  I was shocked at what happened next.  Nikki got even worse she was not only prancing and growling she was louder and more vicious acting towards me. Growling louder and getting closer so much as to try and nip at me for real.

Now don't laught, but Nikki wouldn't let me get in my bed at night.  So, I ended up taking her to the dog Warden.  There I was standing at the counter crying my eyes out because my dog wouldn't let me get in my bed at night.   

The dog Warden came out and did a simple test with Nikki to see if she would bite the Warden when there was food in her bowl and the Warden tried to take the food away from her and Nikki passed this test, so the dog Warden figured out that Nikki had a behavrior problem.  She suggested that I bring Nikki to classes and hopefully that would solve the problem of my not being able to get into my bed at night.

I spent so many weeks in a dog training class with my Nikki dog and the problem eventually went away.  

You see I didn't realize that I was going to have a problem with my dog.  But, sometimes it just happens when you least expect it.  

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Billie Jean 

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